Krutrim Launches India’s First Multilingual AI Language Model

Krutrim, an artificial intelligence startup founded by serial entrepreneur and CEO of Ola Group, Bhavish Aggarwal, made waves in AI with the launch of India’s first multilingual large language model (LLM).

According to a report by Bloomberg on Friday (Dec. 15), the LLM can produce text in 10 different Indian languages. The report also states that Krutrim is working not only on language generation but also on developing data centers, supercomputers, and chips to support India’s rapidly expanding AI ecosystem.

The report said that the key features that set Krutrim’s LLM apart are its voice-enabled functionality and its ability to understand multiple languages, including the mix of Hindi and English known as Hinglish.

As per the report, Aggarwal said the LLM is “uniquely Indian,” emphasizing its capability to cater to the diverse linguistic landscape of India.

With its population of 1.4 billion people, India is working toward building its own AI systems to reduce reliance on technology from the United States or China, according to the report.

The launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT a year ago sparked a race among Indian startups and academic groups to develop LLMs in Indian languages, known as Indic LLMs, the report said.

According to the report, Aggarwal said that Krutrim’s entry into space marks a milestone in India’s dream of building more diminutive, more cost-efficient AI systems that align with the country’s culture, language, and ethos.

According to the report, the startup will release a beta chatbot version in January 2024, followed by server prototypes in mid-2024. The presentation of these servers is predicted to start by the end of 2025.

Further, the report said that Krutrim plans to launch a business model called Krutrim Pro in the next quarter, catering to the requirements of businesses and institutions.

PYMNTS Intelligence found that the rise of LLMs like ChatGPT has prompted brands across industry subsets to reassess their strategies.

Retailers are using AI to improve their operations, from customer service to inventory management, according to a collaboration between PYMNTS and AI-ID titled “What Generative AI Has in Store for the Retail Industry.”

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